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Sight & Sound is an annual festival bringing together Canadian and international new media artists. Currently in its eighth year, the festival presents hybrid, interactive, networked, and process-driven approaches, offering a privileged dissemination platform for emerging digital artists, alongside internationally established artists. Throughout the festival, we encourage artists to take risks and transcend their usual modes of production, finding them the means to generate projects that engage viewers through provocative and challenging content.

PER CAPITA will highlight one of the most rapidly growing socioeconomic phenomena, that of the sharing economy, or collaborative consumption. Through global platforms, the fascination with this growing economic system comes from its promise of remodelling not what individuals consume, but rather, the way in which they consume. This “economic revolution,” however, is not without controversy: although some affirm that it allows disadvantaged social classes to gain access to otherwise inaccessible products and sources of revenue, others point to the fact that these multinational platforms are often built on the circumvention of economic regulations and current labour laws.

The 2016 edition will address these questions, exploring the ways in which artists contribute uniquely to the debates and issues surrounding the sharing economy. Sight & Sound wishes to critically approach these issues and encourage a collective reflection on the sometimes obscure dynamics underlying these phenomena and the impact of these on our lives and social relations. What does “sharing” or collaboration precisely mean? What are the objects of this sharing – things, subjects, ideas, time? Who benefits from these systems and structures, and what are their limits? At a time when the sharing economy plays a growing role in our social, economic, and political relations with ourselves and with others – and when some would even say that this economy has the potential to reverse our current capitalist systems – Sight & Sound wishes to put forward these essential questions and try to outline their impact.


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